Inflatable Air Mattress Training Mat Home Yoga Gymnastics Mat

  • 16 ft durable material: Tumble tracks made of double-walled drop stitch PVC laminated fabric with a thickness of 1.2 mm can be used for all high-performance training. We have tested and qualified all of our products for use at home and environmental protection. You can enjoy it with your family.

  • Quick inflation and deflation: It takes only a few minutes to inflate and deflate our gymnastic tumbling mat. With our air tumbling track, you can enjoy the fun of the day. Grass, water, and ground can all be used with it. The product is ideal for water mattresses, fishing platforms, home entertainment, and high-performance training.

  • Advanced technology: Our 5 m x 2 m x 20 cm airtrack tumbling mat is made of high-quality PVC material and is heat sealed to ensure excellent airtightness and no air leakage. It is certain that they will be used. For different types of training, we offer reasonable sizes.



Air track

Drop stitch light technology

Quality construction, portable packing and durable accessories.

1. Suitable for all ages and skill levels

2. Hand made with perfection so is suitable for more challenging combinations

3. Take it wherever you want

4. Anti-scratch and anti-puncture

5. Quick and easy inflation

Ready-to-pack package:

  • 1x air track
  • 1x large carrying bag
  • 1x repair kit
  • 1x hand pump


The central band, 10cm wide, is in relief and allows you to perceive the right position of the hands and feet even by touch. The increased width prevents injuries to the elbows and ankles due to an incorrect position of the hands and feet while learning new elements.

The Aqua Funday air track is a suitable choice for your home. Train alone or invite your friends! The surface of the Aqua Funday air track offers plenty of room for a good training session, whether you’re at home or at the gym. Having an extra 10cm of thickness creates an incredible bounce. Take your training to new heights!

Training at low pressure is more comfortable when working on new skills. When you have the skill down, gradually build up the pressure until you reach a bounce resembling a gymnastics floor!

With the help of an air track performers around the world have a powerful didactical tool, ideal for experiencing new movements and develop new techniques, which will set their standard to a higher performance level.