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Seafly is a leading factory of electric surfboards in China, has strong technical and R & D strength. The backbone engineers with several years of design and development experience have cooperated with foreign technical teams and multiple departments, adhering to the concept of excellence and service first.


Our trademark is Seafly, we uphold the spirit of ingenuity and have strict requirements on the quality and reliability of our products.

With our multidisciplinary team’s different technical specializations, we are capable of developing your project from start to finish. We develop electronic boards and control algorithms, as well as industrially manufacture propulsion units and boards. Seafly believes in this new sport and begins manufacturing the first two motorized jet board models commercially.

We are committed to providing users worldwide with the ultimate water sports experience, promoting a philosophy of life that is leading-edge and technology-oriented, which seeks to provide more and more enthusiasts with the feeling of “having a controllable wave in your hand while riding the water beneath your feet”

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Premium Quality

1 Year Warranty


CE Certification

motorized jet board

Production process

A cost – effective quality

Production full supply chain production system.

Have CE / PSE / ROHS / FCC / MSDS / UN38.3 and other relevant certificates.

Excellent after-sales system, committed to providing first-class service experience for global customers

Production process
oem service

motorized jet board

Accept OEM & ODM customization

Factory OEM supply jet power surfboard electric surfboard for Water Sports. With 7 years’ experience in OEM and ODM, our products have received various international certifications, including European CE, American UL, CSA, SGS, TUV, 3C, etc., and we own more than 200 patents and trademarks at home and abroad. There are many world-renowned companies that make their products in this country, including Lamborghini, DUCATI, Sharp, French Auchan, JETSON, etc.

motorized jet board

Inspection and testing

Inspection and testing
packaging - shipping
packaging - shipping
packaging - shipping

Packaging & Shipping

According to different transportation options, the battery may be transported separately from the surfboard.

Why Choose Seafly Surfboards


Strict and Professional QC term, 100% raw material inspection, 100% QC inspection, 100% finished products inspection before
shipment, and 50% samples checking after packing. You can take us as a reliable supplier supplying quality product with
competitive price and prompt delivery.


OEM orders are welcome. HISURFER is professional Electric Surfboard manufacturer, have ability to provide design and


We have sufficent stock and strong production ability to ensure delivery time, lead time shorter than 90% suppliers, 99% orders
can be shipped in time.


All questions replied in 24 hours, if you have any question about this product, please feel free to contact us.


We have full confidence to believe our products could get you good market and profit, our fashion products with good price and
quality could make both sides win-win business. Our Business Philosophy is that the win-win cooperation is the really success.

Clients always ask me, “Why are some people listing for just about $1,000?”

Hey there, friends! Is it true that there are jet surfboards that cost 1200 USD?

Lies! Please do not be fooled by people who cheat your personal information with a fake price (1200USD).

There is no such thing in competitive China, I’m not sure if other countries have it.

We manufacture electric surfboards with integrity, rejecting false propaganda, and operating with integrity! Our company accepts online video surveys or visits.

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Surfjets: what are they?

A surfjet consists of a surfboard body, a power supply, a driving system, and a steering control system.

An impeller, a driving motor, and a driving circuit board comprise the driving component.

A power supply installation cavity and a drive installation cavity are provided in the middle and tail parts of the upper layer of the surfboard body, respectively.

In the power supply installation cavity and the drive installation cavity, the power supply component and driving circuit board are respectively installed.

Combined with the driving motor, the impeller is mounted on the rotating shaft of the driving motor, so that the front end of the surfboard body is lifted.

Due to the tail of the surfboard body being inclined downward, the center of gravity is behind the tail.

With the impeller, water can slant downward and spray out, improving stability at high speeds, reducing wear and tear, and ensuring the surfing effect.

What is the cost of a Jetsurf and maintenance?

In general, traditional cheapest surfboards cost between $200 and $500. $1,500-$3,000 is the price range for better surfboards that require customization or are of a famous foreign brand.

Battery powered jet board surfboards typically cost around $10,000 as power jet boards for surfing, racing, or cruising. The price ranges from $8000 to $18000 for well-known brands such as Awake, Jetsurf, Lampuga, and Onean.

In addition to its strong acceleration performance, excellent maneuverability, excellent experience, and long battery life, Seafly electric jet board has a price of only $3999 USD, MOQ:10SET.

In the absence of a local dealer, Seafly will send spare parts for free replacement to customers, which is simple due to the modular design.

Can’t surf because you haven’t been exposed to it? Are you worried about how easy it will be to use the product?

Seafly electric surfboards are also designed for players who can’t surf. It is simple to use and easy to learn. With its built-in battery and tail jet motor, it can reach 55KM/H or more at its maximum speed. After inserting the key to start, you can begin your performance. There is no difficulty getting started for users. Surfing can be learned by most players within half an hour, even if they have no prior experience. To help players learn faster, we have developed a “balance airbag” for beginners, ladies, and children. Check out the in-store link for related videos. If you have any questions, you can contact customer service for more information.

Methods of delivery and transportation costs

The goods are usually shipped within 15 days of the customer’s payment. During winter, we can usually ship the goods within 7 days. The international freight company arranges the international transportation after we mail the goods to them. The shipping method specified by the customer can be used, or we can choose our own shipping method. Due to the differences in shipping costs between countries, the product price does not include shipping costs. To check your shipping costs, please contact customer service. The most common means of transportation are airplanes, ships, railways, and automobiles. A plane’s transportation costs are about twice as high as a ship’s. Generally, we pay import and export tariffs for customers, but some countries do not allow this, so sometimes they need to pay when the goods arrive. In most countries, tariffs are 100-200 US dollars, but in some countries, such as Brazil, Australia, or South America, they can be very high.