KayakPlant electric surfboards are easy to use. You don’t have to worry about getting started. You can learn to surf in half an hour if you don’t have any experience. Just insert the key to start surfing; you can contact customer service for more details.

KayakPlant electric surfboard


1. The power display shows the current voltage in real-time, and it decelerates if the power is below 10%

2. Carbon fiber makes the shell lighter, more impact-resistant, and waterproof. When you master the operating skills, you can dive 15 meters.

3. Surfboard shoes allow you to do stunts like jumping out of the water, which makes it more fun. It’s okay to swap left and right feet and the direction of the shoes

4. Carbon fiber + aviation aluminum shell battery, fast charging, fully charged in 3 hours, and can go more than 20km.

5. If the user falls into water, the magnetic plug falls off and the engine stops immediately

6. Battery can be removed quickly with the rotary quick release lock button

7. Easily remove the tail wing in 1 second, convenient and fast

8. All exposed parts are anodized to prevent corrosion, and they can also be used in sea water

9. 0-58KM stepless speed change, linear speed regulation, electronic throttle control

10. All over the world, distributors provide free after-sales support, or we do it ourselves


Place of Origin: China

Size: 180*61*14CM

Charging time: 3 hours

Maximum speed: 53-58km/H

Shell material: carbon fiber 12KW

Working time: about 35-50 minutes

After receiving the advance payment or full payment, we usually ship the goods within 7 days.

We support transportation services in 90% of the world.

We accept the transportation method specified by the customer.

You can use air transportation or ship transportation.

The transportation method is FOB.

Airplane transportation time is generally 7-10 days, and the freight cost is about $1200

The shipping time is usually 25-35 days, and the shipping cost is around $600

In different regions, there are different pricing standards for transportation costs, so you’ll need to consult the specific transportation costs.

1. The body of the KayakPlant electric surfboard adopts a full carbon fiber shell.

Carbon fiber is a strategic new material that has a density less than 1/4 of steel and a strength 5-7 times that of steel. It is light and high. This material has excellent strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, erosion resistance, and sputtering resistance, as well as good thermal conductivity and electromagnetic shielding.

2. For the power jet pump, we use high-strength aluminum alloy, both for weight and toughness, and spray anti-corrosion technology on the surface so that you can gallop in the sea without worrying about corrosion.

3. Aluminum battery shell and carbon fiber battery compartment have strong corrosion resistance and three-layer water-proof treatment (anodic oxidation + electrophoresis anti-corrosion + spray anti-corrosion).

4. Gold-plated battery contacts, and the battery is off when not in the compartment

5. Handle uses a safety key, is powered by weak current induction, and has a 5V end voltage

6. When falling into the water, the player won’t touch the propeller because it’s inside the jet pump

7. Each product will be tested and inspected, it will be professionally certified (CE/ROHS/FCC/MSDS/UN38.3), and it’ll be insured globally

How long is the warranty on KayakPlant Surfboards? Do you have a warranty?

There are three parts to the warranty:

1. The carbon fiber shell part doesn’t come with a warranty. There’s no damage right now.

2. Our power system comes with a 270-day warranty, including the battery and handle

3. Motors, jet pumps, and controllers are all covered by a 365-day warranty

Contact us if it’s damaged so we can identify it.

Method of warranty:

☆Official Warranty: KayakPlant can be repaired in the following ways if you bought it through official channels.

1. Here are some tutorials and after-sales menus to help you fix it yourself, and we’ll mail you the parts for free.

You’ll need a VIP account to use this. You can upgrade your account with the factory code in your product manual

2. If you contact the online customer service of this site, we’ll recommend a repair shop for you

☆If you bought KayakPlant from a dealer, contact them for warranty info

1. Order more than 5 KayakPlant electric surfboards

2. Provide new customers with product experience and guidance

3. Provide customers with long-term services

4. Provide customers with pre-sales and after-sales support

Our support will be strong. By 2023, we’ll have a global dealer network. Here’s your chance.

The performance of our products is stable and competitive.

Distributors will get technical and cost-effective parts from us

The dealer’s address and phone number will be displayed on the official website so customers can contact them

Please contact us if you’re interested in joining the KayakPlant global service system.