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Seafly premium electric surfboard – the most exciting carbon fireber motorized surfboard on the market. Born to enjoy cruising and high speed over water. Fast-forwarding the future of electric water sports. Leading battery technology, mind-blowing water jets, easy to use jet surf. 


The Market Leading Seafly Surfboard

Designed for Experience

An updated design, extended ride time, extra durable construction, and the highest speed on the market make the Seafly electric surfboard the fastest electric surfboard on the market. We’ve spent over a decade fine-tuning and developing the most efficient foiling experience. Whatever your level of experience, Seafly’s electric surfboards allow you to craft the adventure that’s right for you with an all-electric, silent motor that glides through any body of water.

Surfboard Features

Seafly motorized jet boards are built for performance, quality, quick, easy, quiet and safety, aerodynamic design meets a powerful battery for best performance. Fly your wave with the newest hydrofoil, slim in design, making your experience that you’ll never forget!

Long battery life

mind-blowing water jets

Strong burst

Carbon fiber material

custom Surfboards colors

Custom board Color

Board color matching customization service

Are you looking for ideas on what paint or resin color to use on your custom board? This is the right place for you! We provide a variety of color options and support custom colors.

Our Story

About Us

Seafly is a leading manufacturer of electric surfboards in China, has strong technical and R & D strength. The backbone engineers with several years of design and development experience have cooperated with foreign technical teams and multiple departments, adhering to the concept of excellence and service first.

seafly electric surfboard company

Factory Direct Sales


Premium Quality

1 Year Warranty


CE Certification

Your Trustable Manufacturer



Seafly is a manufacturer that designs and develops electric surfboards and jet surfboards for extreme power sports over 10 years. Our motorized surfing battery is the most advanced on the market today. The battery provides enough ride time to satisfy even the most seasoned riders.

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