Custom Made Electric Surfboard


Appearance pattern customization

Suitable for NZ5522 series

Please contact customer service to confirm appearance details

Electric surfboards blanks can be made of carbon fiber, polyurethane (PU) foam, epoxy, fiberglass, polyethylene, and balsa wood.

Electric surfboard made of carbon fiber as a one-piece product especially by unique rotational moulding process has highest quality standard and a wide range of benefits.

Custom your company name on the electric surfboard, custom electric surfboard colors.



Peak power 12KW
Maximum speed 55-58KM/H (70KG load)
Battery working time 35-55Min
Board weight 20KG
Maximum load 120KG
cooling method Active full immersion water co
Number of caudal fins Side fin*2
Charger specifications 220V/110V , Automatically choose the right
Board size 180*61*14CM
Packing box size 191*67*23CM
Battery material Ternary lithium battery
Battery Life 700 charge and discharge
Battery capacity 3.6kwh
Battery weight 19KG
Battery sealing Double layer contact sealing and 3 layers of protection
Product certified CE/PSE/ROHS/FCC/MSDS/UN38.3
Product insurance Global Product SafetyLnsurance
Warranty Policy Power system warranty 12 and month battery 9 months


The shell is made of carbon fiber material which is lighter and more impact-resistantand is fully waterproof

After mastering the operating skillsit can dive into 15 meters of water


KayakPlant Electric model Battery Pack brings battery capacity of 3.6kWh and charging time of 3 hours.

This option secures 35 minutes of fun and maximum speed of 50 km/h

power display

Power display

which can display the current voltage in real time and it will automatically decelerate when the power is less than 10%


New ergonomic pads and straps will make your ride on KayakPlant even more comfortable for your feet Dual bindings fit for both regular and goofy riders

Quick FINS

Quick FINS

Installation of the fins has never been easier

Portable plug-in fin it only takes 1 second to take off the fin

Control SystemPlug-in start button

Linear speed regulation, electronic throttle control 0-50KM stepless speed change is possible.

The insurance key brings more protection to the user’s safe riding

control system

KayakPlant Electric Surfboard

Electric surfboards glide over the water without waves, achieving great speeds. Pressing the trigger activates the jet powered by a lithium-ion battery. Motorized surfboards (also called jetboards) can be used for carving, reaching high speeds, or just cruising.

It is very easy to maintain electric powered surfboards. Don’t worry about oils or spark plugs.

You don’t need tech knowledge. In addition, electric surfboards keep our oceans and lakes pollution-free while having a blast.

KayakPlant Electric Jetboard

For an experience like no other, our electric surfboards provide the pleasure of gliding above water. With a large lithium-ion battery, the jetboard can reach speeds of 50 km/h, or even enjoy relaxing excursions, depending on your riding style. For every type of rider, we have a motorized surfboard. Choose your electric surfboards .

The unique electric surfboards are specifically designed for you. It depends on your needs which one suits you best.Our most powerful board is the EC7223, if you’re looking for a fast jetboard.Jetboards provide more versatility, making them perfect all-rounders.