Aqua Electric Jet Go Karting Boat, Mini Jet Ski Boat for River Sea Water

Speed: 0-52KM/H
Rated Power: 15KW
Shell Material: ABS+PC+EPP
Peak Power-On Time: 70-80min
Weight: Boat 45KG + Battery 23KG
Max Load: 130KG
Charger Specification: 220V /110V for configuration in European and American regions
Cooling Method: Active Water-Immersion Cooling
Board Size: 1850860550 mm
Battery Life: 800 Charge-Discharge Cycles
Battery Material: Ternary Lithium Battery
Remove Battery: 10 seconds to disassemble
Battery Voltage: 72V
Charging Time: about 3H-4H
Recharging Curr


What Is Aqua Electric Jet Go Karting Boat?

Jet boats are watercraft that use a jet of water to propel themselves rather than propellers. An internal pump-jet system inside the boat takes in water from underneath the boat, before expelling it from the stern through a specially designed pump-jet.

The jet propulsion system also enables jet boats to perform ‘jet spins’, a maneuver that involves the boat spinning in place, a maneuver that can only be performed on jet boats. Taking a jet boat is exciting because of this feature.

Because jet boats do not have rotating propellers, they are safer for swimmers and wildlife. Additionally, they are capable of operating in shallow water. Several types of water sports are conducted on jet boats thanks to their high speed and maneuverability.

Features of Kayakplant aqua electric go kart boat

The Kayakplant aqua electric go kart boat offers agility, speed, and thrills unmatched by other watercraft. This innovative sea vessel is powered by 15KW, propelling it to an impressive 52KM/H top speed, similar to that of a sea doo spark jet. The boat is constructed from a durable combination of PC, ABS, and EPP, and weighs only 68KG, allowing it to move across the water quickly.

With an active water-immersion cooling system, Kayakplant aqua goes kart boats have a peak power-on time of 70-80 minutes. The vessel’s adaptability is increased by features such as high and low gear switching and reverse gear functionality.

All ages can enjoy its user-friendly operation, which makes it a safe and exciting adventure. With a ternary lithium battery, compatible with 220V/110V charging, the Kayakplant aqua electric go kart boat promises 800 charge-discharge cycles.

The Kayakplant Aqua Go Kart revolutionizes watersports with safety features, stylish aesthetics, and an exciting top speed.

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The All-New Kayakplant Aqua Go Kart: A Dynamic Fusion of Boat Kart and Jet Ski

Aqua Go Kart: The Power Within

Featuring a rated power of 15KW and a top speed of 52KM/H, Kayakplant Aqua Go Kart is an impressive go kart boat. With this remarkable velocity, you are guaranteed to enjoy an exciting go kart jet ski experience.

Experience Unprecedented Fun Karting on Water

AdmitJet Aqua Go Kart, also known as a ‘boat kart’, is a stunning hybrid of a go-kart and jet ski.’. A perfect combination of power, agility, and pure adrenaline, this jet vessel thrills from every angle.

Endurance of the Jet Ski Go Kart

It takes about 70-80 minutes for the Kayakplant Aqua Go Kart to reach peak power-on. In addition, you can enjoy high-octane fun in the sun longer with the active water immersion cooling system.

Charging Made Easy

With 220V/110V charging options available for European and American regions, the Aqua Go Kart accommodates a wide range of charger specifications. Battery life is 800 charge-discharge cycles with its ternary lithium battery, which charges within 3-4 hours.

Smooth Sailing with Kayakplant Aqua Go Kart

You can switch between high and low gears and reverse gear on the Kayakplant Aqua Go Kart, giving you the manoeuvrability of a go kart on the water. Using reverse gear will set you free if your Aqua Kart propellers become entangled in water weeds.

The Boat Kart: Engineered for Durability and Performance

With ABS, PC, and EPP material, this boat kart is both strong and lightweight. This boat kart is a perfect combination of the thrill of a jet ski with the ease and style of a boat kart. It weighs only 45KG for the hull and 23KG for the battery.

Unique Jet Kart Aesthetics

In the Aqua Go Kart, every detail exudes style and comfort, from the bucket seat to the stylish steering wheel. Interior features a beautiful piano-baked paint finish, while the exterior features an imitation wooden floor.

Safe and Stable Spark Evo Jet Kart

With its roll cage, the Aqua Go Kart maintains a low center of gravity, making it virtually impossible to capsize. Taking after the American jet concept, this top deck feature adds an extra layer of safety.

Aqua Kart for Sale: The All-In-One Package

In addition to spark evo jet karts, Kayakplant offers a variety of jet kart conversion kits. With this go kart conversion kit, your sea doo spark evo can be converted into an evo jet kart and reach 52 km/h on water.

The Kayakplant Aqua Go Kart offers a unique water karting experience for both go-kart enthusiasts and jet ski enthusiasts alike. We guarantee your safety and fun with a 12-month warranty and CE/FCC/ROHS/MSDS/UL38.3 certifications.

The Aqua Go Kart boat is the perfect way to experience the thrill of karting. Watersports are about to undergo a revolution with this micro jet boat.